Droolworthy Decks

Here are some amazing decks that I’m totally wanting that are totally NOT readily available and, besides, are totally out of my budget.

This tarot has such beautiful, whimsical art that still captures that old-school Renaissance feel.  It’s self-published by the author/artist in ITALY and is expensive AF.

tarot daniloff

This beautiful deck has that wonderful classic pagan-medieval feel.  It’s also apparently printed on this luxe paper that is just to-die-for.  The first edition is completely sold out, and the second edition is currently being printed and can be pre-ordered.  Expensive AF.

pagan major arcana

There is just no other deck like this.  It just looks magical, and the paper it’s printed on is apparently on a whole other level — waterproof, thick, and velvety.  It was successfully funded on Kickstarted with prototypes sold out.  It’s available for pre-order but won’t be ready until DECEMBER 2018!  Crazy.  But oh-so-beautiful.  And very, very, very expensive.



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