Naturescapes Tarot

Thank you for your interest in Naturescapes! This was my first DIY tarot deck that I created using beautiful photographs of nature scenes and naturescapes made freely available by generous photographers on photo-sharing websites Pexels and Pixabay. It was a fun project that I did while watching the Super Bowl in 2020.

I initially made the deck for just myself to use, but there was quite a lot of interest, so I made it available for sale. As of May 2022, approximately 250 copies have sold since I made it available, so thank you so much for the love!

For those wondering where they can get a copy, they are available HERE on Make Playing Cards!

The Major Arcana

I thought it would be nice to include a LWB (more like, a little white sheet) with the locations. I only know the locations of about half of the cards, as the images in this deck were chosen based on feeling or imagery, without consideration of place or location. I thought people would be interested in learning more about some of the known places, so I’ve included what I know. This is intended to be a living document, so I will update if and when I learn additional locations.

I have also included here a LWS with photo credits of all the photos. If an image speaks to you in particular, you can look up more works by the photographer. There are a few photographers whose work is included in this deck more than once!