Tarot of Architectural Objects

Welcome to the informational page for the Tarot of Architectural Objects! This is my second DIY tarot deck, also created using curated photographs made freely available by generous photographers from photo-sharing websites — this time, from Unsplash and Pexels. Whereas Naturescapes was more of an intuitive creation, Architectural Objects was more intentional and focused.

At the time of creation, I loved the idea of people-free decks, which was why Naturescapes was created in the first place, but this time, I wanted to focus on architectural buildings, objects, and features. To this end, the Major Arcana, because they represent major life events, themes, and lessons, contain photos of entire buildings, although there are a few exceptions. As for the Minor Arcana, each of the suits is represented by a different architectural object: Wands are represented by doors; Cups are represented by statues; Swords are represented by windows; and Pentacles are represented by staircases.

If you are interested in getting a copy, it is available HERE on Make Playing Cards!

The Major Arcana
The Wands suit (Doors)
The Cups suit (Statues and sculptures)
The Swords suit (Windows)
The Pentacles suit (Staircases)

With my process this time around, I still largely chose images based on feeling or imagery, but some were also intentionally chosen for their symbolism, significance, or place in history. Feel free to research the various places to see if they further spark something within you! This LWB (again, more like a little white sheet) lists all of the locations, if they are known. This is intended to be a living document, so I will update if and when I learn additional locations.

I have also included here a LWS with photo credits of all the photos. If an image speaks to you in particular, you can look up more works by the photographer.