Page of Cats Tarot

Hey there! Thanks for checking out the Page of Cats Tarot!

I put this deck together during spring break. This is my fourth DIY tarot deck, again created with photographs made freely available by amazing photographers from photo-sharing websites Unsplash and Pexels. I find the process of curating photos to fit a themed tarot deck to be intellectually stimulating and wonderfully rejuvenating, which is probably why I keep doing it.

Why is it called “Page of Cats”? Well, to me, this deck embodies the spirit of the Pages and feels particularly like the Page of Wands — full of cats exploring the outdoors and being free-spirited! I also very much felt the energy of the Page of Wands when putting the deck together.

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Check out the cards below:

The Major Arcana
Suit of Wands
Suit of Cups
Suit of Swords
Suit of Pentacles

Here are the photo credits for the photos in this deck, if they are known.