Tarot + Oracle Combos

When I first got into tarot, I was ONLY into tarot. Some time this year, and especially in the last few months, I became intrigued by oracles. I’ve since been really drawn to several oracle decks, especially ones that pair well with my existing tarot decks.

Here are some of my favorite combos, organized by oracle decks! For more information about the specific decks and where to find them, you can look through “My Deck Library.”

Botanical Inspirations Deck

Paired with Tyldwick Tarot
Paired with Augenblick Tarot

Elisabeth on Earth Self-Reflection Decks I & II

Paired with Dreamkeepers Tarot
Paired with Textured Tarot

Nature’s Pharmacy Deck

Paired with Tyldwick Tarot
Paired with Augenblick Tarot

Inner Compass Oracle

Paired with Textured Tarot

Oracle of Mystical Moments

Paired with Textured Tarot
Paired with Slow Tarot
Paired with Dreamkeepers Tarot

Oracles I’m Awaiting

I’m currently awaiting one other oracle, Augenblick Oracle, which I know will pair nicely with my existing decks!


IG Giveaway: Divine Doors Oracle

I’m giving away a used copy of the Divine Doors Oracle here. It’s such a gorgeous little deck full of photos of beautiful doors, doorways, and gateways, which I really do love, but I don’t resonate with the messages on the back and don’t use it much as a result! There are 40 cards in this mini deck.

As with all of my previous giveaways, I’m going to let the deck decide where it wants to go, BUT instead of using the deck itself (since people won’t know what cards are possible), I’ll be shuffling and drawing one card from the Tyldwick Tarot at 6:00 PM PDT SUNDAY, July 14th, so as long as your entry is in by then, it will count. I’ll keep drawing one card until there is a winner. I will take a picture of the card and post and DM the winner on Instagram.

I’m only accepting entries on Instagram, so if you’re interested, head on over there! Giveaway is for US residents only. Good luck!

IG Giveaway: Wander Light Tarot

I’m giving away a used copy of the Wander Light Tarot here.

As with all of my previous giveaways, I’m going to let the deck decide where it wants to go. I’ll be shuffling and drawing one card on SUNDAY, July 7th at 6:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, so as long as your entry is in by then, it will count! I’ll keep drawing one card until there is a winner, and I’ll take a picture of the card and post and DM the winner on Instagram.

I’m only accepting entries on Instagram, so if you’re interested, head on over there! Giveaway is for US residents only.

First Impressions: The Slow Tarot

Oh my gosh! I just realized earlier today that I hadn’t done a first impressions post on my blog yet of this deck!

The Slow Tarot was only the second deck I’ve ever backed on Kickstarter, even though most the indie decks I own began their lives on Kickstarter. The campaign ended in early April, and the decks began shipping at the beginning of June. I live incredibly close to Modern Eden, the gallery that represents creator and artist Lacey Bryant and that published the deck, so I got it a day after it was shipped!

I backed this deck because I loved the look of it, even though I am generally not a fan of modern or contemporary decks. This one has such beautiful and striking images, all of which are oil paintings done by Lacey specifically for this deck.

The images are stunning, as expected:

The deck contains borders that vary in color depending on the suit. People on Kickstarter advocated for a borderless deck, but Lacey and Modern Eden opted to thin out the borders instead so as not to compromise the quality or integrity of the images.

The Aces, however, ARE borderless, and they are gorgeous:

The deck also comes with two extra cards: an alternate World card, which I actually prefer, and an Atonement card, which I do keep with the deck.

The card backs are beautiful with an intricate gold line drawing containing all the suits in some form. The card stock is fantastic — a lovely linen finish, much like Pagan Otherworlds — and a riffle shuffler’s dream.

The deck comes housed in a two-part box with a little brown book. I do not like the little brown book very much, as I do not jive with what’s written (and it was written by someone other than Lacey), but I don’t generally refer to LWBs anyway.

When I asked the deck that first day what our relationship was going to be like, Temperance flew out. I’ve had the deck for about 10 days now, and I have found it to be incredibly accurate, relatable, and spot-on. In fact, the night before my fiance unexpectedly proposed, the Nine of Cups flew out at me twice for no apparent reason, and the day after he proposed, the Two of Cups was part of my daily draw.

I’m loving the deck so far, and it seems like it is an excellent reading deck: clear, straightforward, and direct!

First Impressions: Tyldwick Tarot

I cannot believe I have this deck in my hand. This is one of those impossible decks that I recently found out about. I heard about the beloved status of this deck and then the unfortunate and unexpected passing of the deck’s creator, Neil Lovell. The eBay listings for this deck, of which I have set a alert for, are through the roof, and so I thought this deck would become a pipe dream, much like Fantastic Menagerie.

I recently discovered on an obscure thread somewhere that one possibility of obtaining the deck was to contact the creator’s brother, who still had some copies of the deck. I figured it would not hurt to try and emailed him last weekend. He responded to me on Monday to say they were available and gave me pricing information. The deck cost me a pretty penny, as I had already anticipated, and including conversion fee rates and international shipping costs, it became only my second $100+ deck. (BUT IT IS WORTH IT, and I will get to that afterwards.) He shipped out the deck on Tuesday from the UK, and it arrived in my hands in the United States a mere FOUR DAYS LATER. Unbelievable.

The deck is STUNNING. Just absolutely incredible. The images are beautiful and haunting, completely devoid of people, and seem to be filled with an abundance of secrets. I am going to love delving deeply into these images to discover all of its secret symbols.

The deck comes in an ample sized tuck box, which means for me that I will be getting it some new clothes. (In fact, I may have already ordered a bag for it from Betsy at The Bee and the Snake…)

The card stock is a nice weight, and the deck has a brilliant gold edging that is just glorious. It feels so luxe and fancy.

I asked the deck what our relationship would be like, and I drew the Ten of Coins! What a great and auspicious beginning!

Today, I used the deck for my Cards of the Day, and I got the Star and Six of Staves. Such beautiful, beautiful cards.

I already know I am going to love, love, love working with this deck.

Deck Interview: Augenblick Tarot

I’ve had the Augenblick for a little over three weeks now, and I’m still loving it for its evocative and gentle readings. I realized I haven’t done a deck interview with any of my decks in quite some time, so here’s my interview with Augenblick!

1 – Tell me about yourself.  What is your most important characteristic? — Queen of Cups

I am empathetic, compassionate, and in tune with your emotions.

2 – What are your strengths as a deck? — Three of Wands

I am incredibly patient, and I know that good things take time.

3 – What are your limits as a deck? — Two of Swords

I can be indecisive because I am able to see the pros and cons of every choice, so it’s difficult for me to make that choice.

4 – What are you here to teach me? — King of Cups

I am here to teach you how to make decisions with compassion and understanding.

5 – How can I best learn and collaborate with you? — Queen of Pentacles

You can remain your practical and grounded self!

6 – What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? — Eight of Cups

I can comfort you and teach you how to walk away from difficult situations.

In sum, the Augenblick is a kind and evocative deck that advocates compassion, understanding, and patience!

My Tarot Tastes and Anti-Haul

Tarot Tastes and Favored Categories

As I near two years of tarot reading and collecting, I’ve become much more attuned to what kind of tarot decks resonate with me in the long haul. As of this writing, I own 18 decks (actually, 19, but I’m trying to sell/trade one of them), and I can say for the first time in a long time, that I love each and every one of those decks and use each and every one of them on the regular.

I tend to love tarot decks that are ethereal, dreamy, evocative, antique- or vintage-feeling, surreal, and/or whimsical. All of my decks fall into one of these categories.

Current deck collection (minus the newly acquired Otherkin Tarot)

When I see new decks now, I think about whether they fall into one of these categories — because if they don’t, after the honeymoon phase, I never use them again — and I think about whether I can see myself using it in the long-term. Is there another deck that I currently own that already fills that void?


And this is why the excellent Anti-Haul video by Supportive Tarot really spoke to me. Lisa goes into thoughtful detail about the decks she’s choosing not to purchase and what decks in her collection fulfill that need instead. I really enjoyed watching it, and since I don’t have a YouTube channel, I thought I would do a blog post instead to cover my own anti-haul.

There are a lot of decks, clearly, that I have not purchased or will likely never purchase, so instead of focusing on any specific individual decks, I will instead focus on categories of decks that I don’t resonate with and give a few examples of decks in each category. (All the categories begin with “C”!)

Please keep in mind that these categories and/or decks are in my anti-haul because they do not connect with me personally, and I do indeed recognize the objective beauty, value, and quality of each of these decks.

Cosmic Decks

I do not like cosmic-looking decks. I do not know why. Because I do really love and enjoy astrological and constellation prints and artwork. But I just don’t like galactic backgrounds in decks, especially not if there is a lot of pink and cosmic purple.

The Starchild Tarot
Moon Power Tarot
Mystic Mondays Tarot

Cutesy Decks

I do not connect with cutesy decks. I start off drawn to them because, hello! they are so cute!, but then I feel I can’t read with them and never end up using them again. Perhaps it’s because I can’t take them seriously? I’m not sure.

So whenever my cute radar goes off for a deck, I will not purchase it. This has saved me lots of money time and time again.

Happy Tarot
Kawaii Tarot

Contemporary Decks

I do not resonate with decks that are too modern or contemporary. For whatever reason, I’m just not attracted to decks that are too modern, and they tend to gather dust if I own them.

Obviously, there are exceptions (for example, I love my Moon Void Tarot, and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming The Slow Tarot), but for the most part, anything that harks too closely to modern times and feels millennial is not something I connect with, oddly enough since I’m a millennial.

The Fountain Tarot
Lumina Tarot
The upcoming Light Seer’s Tarot

Collaborative Decks

I am not a fan of collaborative decks because I like my decks to have a cohesive look and feel to them. No matter how well-done the collaboration, I can always tell in collaborative decks that there are different artists. Collaborative decks throw me off when I read because I get caught up in the disjointed nature of the art rather than the meaning behind the reading.

The Light Grey Tarot
78 Tarot Carnival

Collage Decks

I have never enjoyed collage decks, even though growing up, I absolutely adored making collages and dioramas. So again, I am not sure why I don’t fancy collage decks. I do own one collage deck that I feel was very well-done, and I like it because it’s very dreamy and surreal — the Dreamkeeper’s Tarot — but as a whole, I shy away from these types of decks.

The one other collage deck I am contemplating is Our Tarot, but only because of its inclusion of historic women.

Practical Magic Tarot
Guided Hand Tarot

Classic Decks

Ahh, the Smith-Waite. While I recognize its importance and influence to the tarot community, I am just not personally drawn to the imagery on these decks. If it’s a Smith-Waite of any kind, I know I will not use it other than for research or study purposes. I owned the Smith-Waite Centennial for a good year before giving it away because I probably only looked at it a handful of times.

Smith-Waite Tarot

Additional Thoughts

Now that I’ve listed out some of the categories of decks I don’t resonate with and examples of each, I’ve realized that the decks I’m really not drawn to are ones that cross over into more than one of these categories.

For example, probably the reason why I know I would never connect with the Starchild is because it’s cosmic, contemporary, and a collage deck or the Mystic Mondays because it’s cosmic and contemporary!