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How Times (and Tastes) Have Changed

It’s been two months since I last wrote about my tarot reflections and, my, how times have changed. We have since witnessed the birth of a civil rights movement that brings awareness and fights against the systemic racism and injustices perpetuated daily in our country, sparked by George Floyd’s murder by the police in late-May.

During this time, I found myself initially taking a break from tarot and then infusing tarot as I work through Rachel Cargle’s 30-day #DoTheWork anti-racism course. If you’re interested, you can follow along with me on my IG. I have also compiled all the resources and my tarot prompts here:

While doing this work, I realized I was no longer drawn to the tarot decks that I had been drawn to for so long. I started to crave decks with people in them — especially decks that were representative of our people AND our times. I have since purchased the Next World Tarot (diverse and incredibly relevant for our times) and the Modern Witch Tarot (one of the most diverse decks I’ve seen). I’ve also auctioned off Tyldwick Tarot, donated the proceeds, and let go of Augenblick. I am also in the process of swapping Majestic Earth Tarot (a deck I thought would stay with me forever, but even this has lost its appeal) for the This Might Hurt Tarot, which I’m super excited about. Vintage-style decks are not calling to me any longer, and I’m now wanting modern decks of our times. As a result, I have also canceled my pre-order of Fantastic Menagerie, as that too is a vintage-style deck.

The Next World Tarot by Cristy C. Road
The Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle

I’m also finding it incredibly important to have decks that prominently feature BIPOC. I just can’t use any decks that have only white people or a few token BIPOC anymore, especially as a POC myself.

I love that there are so many different tarot decks, such that I can always find one that fits my current needs, and if there isn’t one to fit my needs, I can always create one myself through Make Playing Cards! In fact, I have a work-in-progress deck that is very aligned with our times. I haven’t yet gotten a draft of it in hand yet, as I’ve only completed it recently, but I’m planning on listing it in the near future with all proceeds going to The Loveland Foundation therapy fund.

We Raised $425!

Tyldwick Tarot sold for $425! I have donated $212.50 each to The Loveland Foundation therapy fund and Color of Change!

Tyldwick Tarot Auction!

I am auctioning off my copy of the Tyldwick Tarot and donating all the proceeds to Color of Change and The Loveland Foundation therapy fund.

If you have been interested in the Tyldwick, which is OOP, please check out the auction on my Instagram, linked below!

Bidding begins at $120. Bid by commenting in the Instagram post only. The auction ends on Sunday, June 28th at 12:00pm noon PST. Priority shipping is included. US only. I will screenshot donations.

Winning bid gets the Tyldwick Tarot (comes in tuck box), a beautifully made tarot wrap by Moonlit Faye, and a magnifying glass for exploring all the fun hidden details in the deck!

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Hello tarot community! I was inspired by @benjolivet and will also be donating my copy of the #TyldwickTarot and will be auctioning it off right here on Instagram. All proceeds from the auction will be split 50/50 and donated to @colorofchange and @thelovelandfoundation ….. As many of you know the Tyldwick Tarot is an OOP deck with quite a cult following. The creator, Neil Lowell, sadly passed away a few years ago, and after the deck sold out, was not reprinted again. I purchased this copy from Neil's brother last spring and paid over $100 for it. This copy is in great condition, but you can see where some of the gold gilding has chipped off a little (second pic). The deck comes in a tuck box, but I have stored it in this beautiful tarot wrap made by @moonlit_faye which will be included. The magnifying glass will also be included, so you can check out all the fun hidden details that this deck holds. ….. Bidding will begin at $120. Bid by commenting in this post only. You can bid in increments of at least $1. When you bid, please tag the person you outbid before you. The auction will end on Sunday, June 28th at 12:00pm noon PST. Priority shipping is included. US only. I will screenshot donations. ….. #tarot #tarotcard #tarotcards #tarotdeck #tarotdecks #tarotcommunity #taroteverydamnday #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotspread #tarotforsale #tarotdeckforsale #tarotdecksforsale #tarotswap #tarottrade

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Reflections and Ramblings on My Tarot Collection

I realized I have not posted in half a year, so here is a lengthy post!

After almost three years of tarot, I am truly happy where my collection is at, as I think I have finally pinned down my tarot deck preferences and what works best for me in terms of deck collecting and deck purchasing.

At the “height” of my deck collecting, I probably owned almost 30 decks at one time. This came about approximately a year and a half into deck collecting. It was also around this time that I started feeling some anxiety over my collection and all of my deck choices. When was I going to use all of these decks? Would I be giving each deck its due time and attention? Even if I used a deck a day, my collection would last me a whole month before any repeats. I did not like this newfound anxiety over something that was supposed to lessen anxiety.

One of my older deck-collection pictures

I also just kept buying decks even when I didn’t want them THAT much. I just loved the feeling of getting a new deck in the mail, opening it up, and being in love with it for the first few days. I also noticed that after the honeymoon wore off, I was gravitating towards certain decks and wanting to use certain decks all the time. I would then feel guilty if I didn’t use other decks and then would force myself to use them when I really wanted to use other decks. So I did my first deck purge, and boy, did it feel good! Suddenly, I understood why everyone was Marie Kondo-ing things. What decks truly sparked joy for me?

Deck Preferences and Current Deck Collection

Current tarot deck collection

It’s clear, if you look at my pared-down collection, that I prefer decks that are people-free! My favorites tend to be ones without any beings in them (or, at least, very few beings): Augenblick Tarot (based on curated vintage lithographs archived at the Library of Congress), Majestic Earth Tarot (based on Hudson River and European Romanticism fine art), and Tyldwick Tarot (scenes from a mysterious and imagery filled English estate/mansion/manor). I love being able to look at the cards from these decks and rely purely on my feelings, intuition, and understanding of that card to derive a reading or interpretation. Perhaps it’s the introspective Virgo in me, or, perhaps, it’s my birth card, the High Priestess, channeling herself. I’m not sure.

The Augenblick Tarot
Majestic Earth Tarot
Tyldwick Tarot

I’ve purchased only two decks in 2020, Prisma Visions Tarot and Les Metamorphoses du jour Tarot, and have since gifted Prisma Visions and sold Les Metamorphoses du jour. During this time, I’ve also let go of two other decks previously in my collection, The Slow Tarot and The Textured Tarot. All of these decks that have left my collection, I realized belatedly and more recently, contained people (or animal-like people, in the case of Les Metamorphoses)!

In realizing this, I created and curated my own deck, Naturescapes Tarot, a people-free deck filled with nature scenes and photography that I feel captures each of tarot’s archetypes a la RWS. I feel bonded to this deck and find that it really stirs my intuition. I was also gifted Tarot Duffomantic by my lovely friend @dufftarot on Instagram. Tarot Duffomantic is a fresh, modern, and contemporary photographic take on the Tarot de Marseilles (so it also does not contain as many people), which also really stimulates my intuition.

The Naturescapes Tarot
Tarot Duffomantic

(I recently also created a second deck, Tarot of Architectural Objects, filled with photographs of architectural buildings, features, and objects. I’m so excited about this one, and I’m currently waiting on the final draft to be sent to me before I go into detail about it with the world — the anticipation is nearly killing me!!)

Tarot of Architectural Objects (coming soon)

My remaining tarot deck is Shadowscapes. This my only deck with beings in it. I rarely use Shadowscapes anymore, but it’s my first deck, and therefore holds a special place in my heart, so it always will remain in my collection.


My aesthetic is also generally focused on vintage imagery and soft, muted colors, although there are certainly exceptions!

My Personal Deck-Purchasing Rules

In a way, I’ve also kind of started a depth year this year without intending to (at least, when it comes to tarot — the same cannot be said for crystals). As I mentioned above, I’ve bought only two decks this year, one of which I have already let go. Since I am so much more clear on my preferences, I have engaged a few tips or rules that have really helped me from impulse or FOMO buys.

First, I watch all the walkthroughs I can of a deck I am considering. While watching these videos, I make a list of all the cards I love and all the cards I hate. If there are a considerable number of cards I don’t like, I won’t get the deck because I already know that I won’t use it. If I do not like certain cards or do not resonate with them, I will avoid using that deck since I don’t want those cards to show up. Similarly, if there are no cards I really love, I also will not get the deck — because that means I won’t be drawn to use it. I love the decks that I currently have, so I have to love the cards in the new deck for me to want to use it. Just this first rule alone has prevented me from buying many a deck.

If I still want the deck after extensively watching walkthroughs, I look at whether there is a deck in my collection that already “scratches that itch.” This is a strategy that Lisa from Supportive Tarot uses and details in her fantastic anti-haul videos. If I already have a deck that fulfills that niche and scratches that itch, then I also won’t get the new deck since I won’t use it after the honeymoon wears off; I will always go back to the tried-and-true favorite.

If I still want the deck after these first two measures, I make myself wait 3-7 days before I can purchase it (more expensive decks require a 7-day wait). Most of the time, the impulse to buy goes away when I force myself to wait, even after just a day or two. I realize I don’t want the deck after all — what I’m really craving is the feeling or high of getting a new deck. This strategy works pretty well on all kinds of decks on all platforms, even Kickstarter ones, because campaigns are usually at least a month long. The only exceptions are OOP decks that someone is reselling.

If after all this, I still want the deck, then I get it. It has passed three pretty stringent rules, after all! I don’t let myself feel bad if I don’t like the deck upon getting it either because I know there are many ways I can re-home it.

I also have not backed any Kickstarter campaigns in the last six months. All the decks I’ve backed on Kickstarter have been re-homed since backing them and getting them, although I did love them while I had them. I realize I don’t like the uncertainty of Kickstarter campaigns, that usually I can’t see all of the cards or cards are changed or altered after the campaign ends, and Kickstarter decks are almost always readily available after a campaign ends (for the same price or maybe $5 more, or from someone who doesn’t resonate with them), so if I still want them after watching a bunch of unboxings and going through my steps from above, I can still get them then.

I also do not pre-order decks anymore for the same reasons as not backing decks on Kickstarter.

Exceptions: Decks I’m Excited About!!

With everything, there are exceptions, and here are two decks that break all of my rules.

The first is the re-release of the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot. This is my unicorn deck, so I pre-ordered it as soon as the pre-orders became available. I do not know what the cards will look like since some will be re-designed and it will contain cold-stamping, I used to have a deck that scratched that itch that I have since let go and re-homed (Les Metamorphoses), and it’s a pre-order that’s not slated for release until September. I don’t care though. I’ve wanted this deck for as long as I’ve been into tarot. I am getting it, and nothing is going to stop me. If I don’t end up loving it, then I can always re-home it!

The Fantastic Menagerie

The second is the mass-market version of Our Tarot. This is one of those decks that flew under the radar for me (much like Majestic Earth). I did not learn about it until AFTER the Kickstarter campaign ended and AFTER it went out of print, so by then I didn’t even have the opportunity to purchase it at a reasonable price. I was so excited to learn that it was being released as a mass-market edition (with an extensive guidebook), which means it will be available and affordable. It doesn’t fall into my people-free deck preference, but that’s kind of the point here. I LOVE that there is an entire deck based on powerful women in history, and I am all for it.

Our Tarot

So yep, these are all of my ramblings and musings about the state of my collection and how I manage deck purchasing. If you’re still here, thanks for still being here and reading this far! I hope you found my ramblings and reflections helpful in some way! Feel free to ask me any questions 🙂


I came across this fun hashtag #shoppingfortarot on YouTube and thought I would write a blog post about it! This hashtag originates from LadyKnight of Avalon, and you can watch the original video here. I came across this hashtag by way of Katey Flowers (you can watch her VR here) and on the cusp tarot (you can watch his VR here).

1. What was the last deck you bought and why that one?

The Majestic Earth Tarot. (The Stretch Tarot arrived most recently, but I purchased it before Majestic Earth.) I wanted Majestic Earth so badly; I discovered it shortly after the Kickstarter campaign had ended, and given the creator’s first deck’s cult status, I figured I would never get my hands on an affordable copy when it did become available. It technically isn’t available, as the creator is still in the midst of shipping Kickstarter rewards, but through serendipity and divine timing, I posted about wanting this deck and made a new IG friend @wandering.tarot who offered me her copy at essentially what was retail price. I was floored by this opportunity, jumped at it, and am eternally grateful!

The stunning Majestic Earth Tarot

2. What’s your decision process when you buy a new deck?

Do I like most of the cards? Does the art style jive with me? I’m into vintage, antique-style decks, so that’s what I’m drawn to initially, but I also have to like most, if not ALL, of the cards. I will watch several walkthroughs of the deck I’m contemplating, and then force myself to wait a few days. If I still want it after a few days, it means I really want it, and I will then get it. Fortunately, most of the time, the forced wait will actually make me realize I don’t want it as much as I thought I did, so then I don’t get it. That’s how I know whether I really want a deck!

3. What are dealbreakers in a deck that keep you from buying it?

Unillustrated pips, or majors-only decks. I don’t even consider them. If there are cards I really don’t like or don’t resonate with, then I also won’t get the deck because I won’t use it because I don’t want to see those cards. I prefer RWS-inspired decks, so generally do not get Thoth-based decks. I don’t like artwork too cosmic or too abstract.

4. Little white book or big guide book?

Neither. I don’t really use either. But if I had to have one, I’d prefer a big guide book, especially if they contain reflective prompts or questions instead of your standard keywords and descriptions.

5. Do you have new deck rituals? How do you break in a new deck?

I used to do deck interviews, but now I will just unbox it lovingly. I look through each card and pick out my initial favorites and always do a one-card draw where I ask the deck what it wants me to know. I will typically use the new deck exclusively for a week or so (because I can’t help myself), unless I have multiple new decks, then I will switch off.

My first card draw with the Tyldwick Tarot

6. Have you ever been disappointed after getting a deck because it looked/felt different than expected? (Bonus question: Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a deck after getting it?)

Yes, definitely. If I hate it straight out of the box, I will generally return it if that’s an option. If not, I will try it out and see whether my initial thoughts will change. Usually they don’t, and so I will give it away or sell it.

I have definitely been pleasantly surprised by decks after getting them. One that specifically comes to mind is the Augenblick Tarot. I did not think I would love it as much as I do since there are not many people in it and I thought it would be hard-to-read, but I resonate with it so much, and I’ve now grown to love people-less decks. I have three such decks now! That was certainly a surprise.

The lovely Augenblick Tarot

7. Do you interview new decks?

I used to, but not really anymore!

8. Do you ever buy decks for a specific purpose (only using it for that one?)


9. Do you differentiate between decks you buy for yourself and decks you would use for other people?

Nope, since I only buy for myself and read for myself. I want it to resonate with me!

10. What is one thing you wish deck creators would do, do more of or stop doing?

I wish deck creators would give us choices in cardstock! I especially like linen finish, which I know not all people prefer, but I wish all my decks had that luscious finish. In terms of preferences, I prefer borderless decks, but borders aren’t dealbreakers for me. I hate really large cards — most oracle cards are fine, but I don’t like obnoxiously large cards. I really would like if decks came in sturdier boxes, rather than tuck boxes, but I’m also not fond of gigantic Llewellyn boxes!

The Slow Tarot comes in a nice sturdy two-part box and the cardstock is a linen finish!

Tarot + Oracle Combos

When I first got into tarot, I was ONLY into tarot. Some time this year, and especially in the last few months, I became intrigued by oracles. I’ve since been really drawn to several oracle decks, especially ones that pair well with my existing tarot decks.

Here are some of my favorite combos, organized by oracle decks! For more information about the specific decks and where to find them, you can look through “My Deck Library.”

Augenblick Oracle

Paired with Augenblick Tarot (of course it’s a match!)
Paired with Majestic Earth Tarot
Paired with Stretch Tarot
Paired with Tyldwick Tarot

Botanical Inspirations Deck

Paired with Augenblick Tarot
Paired with Majestic Earth Tarot
Paired with Stretch Tarot
Paired with Tyldwick Tarot

Elisabeth on Earth Self-Reflection Decks I, II & III

Paired with Slow Tarot
Paired with Textured Tarot

Nature’s Pharmacy Deck

Paired with Augenblick Tarot
Paired with Shadowscapes
Paired with Tyldwick Tarot

Inner Compass Oracle

Paired with Stretch Tarot
Paired with Textured Tarot

Oracle of Mystical Moments

Paired with Augenblick Tarot
Paired with Textured Tarot
Paired with Slow Tarot

IG Giveaway: Divine Doors Oracle

I’m giving away a used copy of the Divine Doors Oracle here. It’s such a gorgeous little deck full of photos of beautiful doors, doorways, and gateways, which I really do love, but I don’t resonate with the messages on the back and don’t use it much as a result! There are 40 cards in this mini deck.

As with all of my previous giveaways, I’m going to let the deck decide where it wants to go, BUT instead of using the deck itself (since people won’t know what cards are possible), I’ll be shuffling and drawing one card from the Tyldwick Tarot at 6:00 PM PDT SUNDAY, July 14th, so as long as your entry is in by then, it will count. I’ll keep drawing one card until there is a winner. I will take a picture of the card and post and DM the winner on Instagram.

I’m only accepting entries on Instagram, so if you’re interested, head on over there! Giveaway is for US residents only. Good luck!

IG Giveaway: Wander Light Tarot

I’m giving away a used copy of the Wander Light Tarot here.

As with all of my previous giveaways, I’m going to let the deck decide where it wants to go. I’ll be shuffling and drawing one card on SUNDAY, July 7th at 6:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, so as long as your entry is in by then, it will count! I’ll keep drawing one card until there is a winner, and I’ll take a picture of the card and post and DM the winner on Instagram.

I’m only accepting entries on Instagram, so if you’re interested, head on over there! Giveaway is for US residents only.

First Impressions: The Slow Tarot

Oh my gosh! I just realized earlier today that I hadn’t done a first impressions post on my blog yet of this deck!

The Slow Tarot was only the second deck I’ve ever backed on Kickstarter, even though most the indie decks I own began their lives on Kickstarter. The campaign ended in early April, and the decks began shipping at the beginning of June. I live incredibly close to Modern Eden, the gallery that represents creator and artist Lacey Bryant and that published the deck, so I got it a day after it was shipped!

I backed this deck because I loved the look of it, even though I am generally not a fan of modern or contemporary decks. This one has such beautiful and striking images, all of which are oil paintings done by Lacey specifically for this deck.

The images are stunning, as expected:

The deck contains borders that vary in color depending on the suit. People on Kickstarter advocated for a borderless deck, but Lacey and Modern Eden opted to thin out the borders instead so as not to compromise the quality or integrity of the images.

The Aces, however, ARE borderless, and they are gorgeous:

The deck also comes with two extra cards: an alternate World card, which I actually prefer, and an Atonement card, which I do keep with the deck.

The card backs are beautiful with an intricate gold line drawing containing all the suits in some form. The card stock is fantastic — a lovely linen finish, much like Pagan Otherworlds — and a riffle shuffler’s dream.

The deck comes housed in a two-part box with a little brown book. I do not like the little brown book very much, as I do not jive with what’s written (and it was written by someone other than Lacey), but I don’t generally refer to LWBs anyway.

When I asked the deck that first day what our relationship was going to be like, Temperance flew out. I’ve had the deck for about 10 days now, and I have found it to be incredibly accurate, relatable, and spot-on. In fact, the night before my fiance unexpectedly proposed, the Nine of Cups flew out at me twice for no apparent reason, and the day after he proposed, the Two of Cups was part of my daily draw.

I’m loving the deck so far, and it seems like it is an excellent reading deck: clear, straightforward, and direct!