Self-Compassion Tarot Spread

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I found this helpful Self-Compassion Tarot Spread on Brian Cormack Carr’s YouTube channel, and I thought I would try it myself.  I used Carnival at the End of the World for the first six cards, and Antique Anatomy Tarot: Ephemera Edition for the last two cards.


1 — Where do I unfairly judge myself? — Ace of Pentacles

If I don’t have complete security, I feel insecure, and I think of myself as unworthy.  I am generally in a very secure place, but I have worked hard to be here, and I demand utmost security at all times.  When I don’t have that, or if there are new opportunities that threaten that hard-earned security, I begin to feel insecure and judge myself.

2 — How can I be kinder to myself? — Ace of Swords

I get really frustrated when I don’t have mental clarity, and I need to understand that I will not and cannot know everything, and I need to accept it.  I should understand that things will come to me when they come to me, and I need to stop spinning my mind around things that I do not know.

3 — Where am I isolated? — The Chariot

I’m isolated when I feel I need to make quick progress or quickly achieve success.  It gives me a lot of anxiety to be under pressure.  I often feel I am the only one overwhelmed in this situation, and it causes me to lose my cool.

4 — Where may I find support and community? — Six of Pentacles

I have support and community, but I need to ask for help when I needed.  I always act like I have my shit together and don’t need any help, but sometimes, I do need the support.  People around me don’t realize that, so I need to ask for it.

5 — Where am I over-attached? — Two of Swords

I’m over-attached when I’m wracked with indecision.  I hate making choices blindly, and I don’t often do so, but even with all the information available to me, sometimes, I can’t choose.  I’m too attached to making the right decision.

6 — How may I build mindfulness? — Eight of Cups

I need to learn to walk away from situations when I need to walk away.  It’s hard for me to abandon ship sometimes, but I need to be mindful of the fact that I am just dragging things on, and I need to get moving.

7 — Ally: Sum of Numbers — The Chariot

1 + 1 + 7 + 6 + 2 + 8 = 25; 2 + 5 = 7 –> The Chariot.  Ironically, the thing that makes me feel isolated me is my ally!  I need to just realize that progress and success are on my side.  As long as I work hard, I will achieve success.

8 — Ally: Choose a card from Major Arcana — The Hierophant

This one is interesting, because is it referring to society, or is it referring to teachers/mentors?  I’d like to think the latter, as I am surrounded by a group of amazing teachers everyday, who are dear colleagues and great friends, and I know they support me.