#31DaysofTarot: Days 14-19

Day 14 — Tarot decks that give me insight by way of imagery/symbology rather than intuition or basic tarot knowledge:

Carnival at the End of the World Tarot — This deck, while it generally follows RWS, does contain images that deviate from the system significantly, especially the Cups suit for me (look at Three of Cups, for example). I don’t have the guidebook, so I do rely on the images themselves to guide me. I have found that reading the images have been more helpful to me than relying on RWS meanings with this deck.


Ceccoli Tarot — As far as I know, this deck is the only deck I own that takes preexisting images to fit within tarot. Because the images were not created with tarot in mind, I do rely on the images themselves to guide me. I do feel that most of the images chosen to represent certain cards to be very fitting, but some I do have to read differently than from the traditional interpretation.


Black Cats Tarot — I included this deck in this list because while the deck adheres to the RWS rather closely, the images used to depict the meanings are very different from traditional depictions. I find the images to be very unique, clever, and fitting in their own ways.


Day 15 — What’s in my tarot to-go bag:

If I’m traveling out of town, I always bring two tarot decks, one or two crystals (always at least one palm stone), and my tarot journal.  If I’m just going about my typical day, like going to work, I don’t actually bring any tarot accouterments with me.


Day 16 — What tarot cards do you look for most when you get a new deck

I always look for: The Empress, Queen of Pentacles, Three of Swords, and Ten of Swords. I love nurturing Empresses and Queen of Pentacles, and I want to know the worst to expect in the Three and Ten of Swords. The Queen of Pentacles is definitely the most important card to me. If I don’t like it, it does deter me from getting the deck. I do not like the Queen of Pentacles in the Wizards Tarot, for example.


Day 17 — What’s my favorite way to journal:

My favorite way to journal is to write in my Kunisawa journal, which is a blank grid journal. I write my daily draws, track my cards, and write reflections in it.


Day 18 — What cards relate to me most personally:

I find these cards most personally relatable: The High Priestess, the Hermit, Queen of Pentacles, and Queen of Swords. I generally always go with my intuition, I enjoy solitude and introspection, I like feeling and providing security and stability, and I enjoy being analytical and exercising my intellect and good judgment.


Day 19 — My five desert-island decks would be:

  • Shadowscapes — for its kind and gentle nature
  • Stella’s Tarot — for its fun but grounded nature
  • Carnival at the End of the World — for its whimsy and its otherworldly fantastical nature
  • Anima Mundi Tarot — for its evocative nature and its animal energies
  • Pagan Otherworlds Tarot — for its straightforwardness and groundededness




Going on a Road Trip!

Happy New Year! I’m going on a road trip today, and here are the tarot essentials I’m taking with me:

  • My Kindle loaded with tarot books
  • My Kunisawa tarot journal
  • Pagan Otherworlds Tarot
  • Anima Mundi Tarot
  • A small bag containing my rose quartz heart and a clear quartz

I think it will be a good trip! Here are my cards of the day:

Six of Swords and the World — The cards are telling me I will have a safe passage and a successful trip!


I’ve been doing a fun Instagram tarot challenge by @groundingistrusting called #tarotandoraclefavorites, and today is the last day!  I’ve really enjoyed this challenge.

Here are some of the more recent days:

Day 27 — My newest deck is the Ceccoli Tarot. I love it, even though it is not super traditional and is one of those decks with images that were not originally created with tarot in mind. I think it reads really well, and it is beautifully surreal to me.


Day 29 — A deck I want to get to know better is Carnival at the End of the World. This is just such a fascinating take on tarot. When I first got this deck this summer, I was obsessed with it, and it reinvigorated my love for tarot after a months-long hiatus. Since then, I’ve been more careful with the decks I’ve purchased and am very good about working regularly with the decks I get. I haven’t regularly worked with this deck since summer, and I want to get back in touch with it. It’s like that one friend I visited and had an amazing summer with, and I want to capture that magic again. I’m thinking of getting the guidebook, which seems to delve more deeply into this strange and otherworldly place.


Day 30 — My favorite tarot cards. If I had to choose one card only, it would be The World card from Shadowscapes. It was the first card I fell in love with from my very first tarot deck. I also love the beauty and simplicity of the peony Empress and the graceful and nurtuing doe Queen of Pentacles from the Anima Mundi Tarot.


Day 31 — My most used decks of 2018 by month:


January — Anima Mundi Tarot

February — Anima Mundi Tarot

March — Anima Mundi Tarot

April — Ostara Tarot

May — Stella’s Tarot

June — Stella’s Tarot

July — Stella’s Tarot

August — Carnival at the End of the World

September — Antique Anatomy Tarot: Ephemera Edition

October — Antique Anatomy Tarot: Ephemera Edition

November — Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

December — Ceccoli Tarot

Overall — Stella’s Tarot (my soul deck)

My Favorite Court Cards

I’ve been really enjoying doing tarot challenges where you take out your favorite Hermit card, or favorite court card, or favorite Minor Arcana card, etc.  I thought I would take the opportunity to pull out my favorite court cards.

Some of these were really easy because I have just one favorite (e.g., Page of Swords); some were more challenging because I have several favorites (e.g., Page of Cups, Queen of Wands), and it was hard to narrow down to one.  There were a few cards where I had no favorites (e.g., Knight of Pentacles), so those were surprisingly challenging as well.

For me, to be considered a favorite court card, it had to be a card whose image I really liked and it had to embody the card’s meaning in my eyes.  There were some court cards whose images I really liked, but didn’t necessarily embody my main interpretation of that card’s meaning, or vice versa.

I only have one Thoth-based deck (Stella’s Tarot), so for that deck only, I treated the Knights as Kings and Princes as Knights.

Without further ado, here are my favorite Swords court cards:


…and my favorite Cups court cards:


…and my favorite Wands court cards:


…and my favorite Pentacles court cards:


What Do You Think of Our Relationship?

I asked each tarot deck I owned what they each thought of me and our relationship, and here’s what they each had to say:


Smith-Waite — The Moon — You need to consult me more to tap into your intuition and dispel any illusions.

Fairytale Tarot — Four of Wands — We have a lot to celebrate in our relationship!

Stella’s Tarot — Princess of Disks — I am here to work and study with you and help you stay grounded.

Pagan Otherworlds — Four of Cups — I feel a bit disenchanted with you.

Anima Mundi Tarot — Six of Pentacles — I’m here to support you with what you need.

Alchemical Tarot — Ten of Staffs — Our relationships has been recently renewed.

Antique Anatomy Tarot — Nine of Rods — I’m here to persist with you through thick and thin.

Moon Void Tarot — Queen of Cups — I care deeply for you and your well-being.

Carnival at the End of the World — Queen of Pentacles — I am here to provide for you.

Dreamkeepers Tarot — Three of Wands — I foresee a good future for us.

Black Cats Tarot — Two of Swords — I can give you advice to help you make those difficult decisions.

Zombie Tarot — The Star — I am your shining star that can provide hope and guidance.

Santa Muerte Tarot — The High Priestess — I’ll help you tap into your intuition.

Puppet Theatre Tarot — Queen of Pentacles — I can provide you with the support and security that you need.

Ostara Tarot — The Tower — Our relationship is broken and fractured. You have not consulted me in a long time, and you will need to repair this.

Shadowscapes — King of Cups — I am here to provide gentle guidance should you need it.

Tarot in Wonderland — Page of Wands — I feel inspired and can help you explore new ideas.

Tarot Dinner Party

I came across an activity from “The Tarot Activity Book” by Andy Matzner on Benebell Wen’s blog regarding cards you would like to invite to a birthday or dinner party.  I also found the book on Amazon with these excerpts:

birthday guests 1birthday guests 2

I thought this would be a fun little activity to do.  I decided to invite eight guests, since I couldn’t narrow it down to six!

Here’s who I would invite and how I would sit them too:


Four cards from the Major Arcana and the four queens — all depicted by women!

  • The High Priestess from Carnival at the End of the World
  • The Empress from Shadowscapes would
  • Justice from the Alchemical Tarot
  • Judgment from the Ostara Tarot
  • The Queen of Wands from Stella’s Tarot
  • The Queen of Cups (the White Queen) from Tarot in Wonderland
  • The Queen of Pentacles from Shadowscapes
  • The Queen of Swords (the Red Queen) from Tarot in Wonderland

The conversation would be so rich, engrossing, thought-provoking and multi-layered!

#tarotobsessed Revisited

It’s crazy how much can change, even in three months!  I am revisiting the #tarotobsessed questions because much has changed.  You can see my previous post here.  If the answer hasn’t changed, I’ve kept it the same.


1. What was your very first tarot deck?

My first tarot deck was Shadowscapes.  I was at Barnes and Nobles one day looking at tarot cards for the first time, and it was the only deck I was drawn to.  It’s still one of my favorite decks because the images are so beautiful.


2. What is your current favorite tarot deck?

I have a couple of current favorites.

First, is the Pagan Otherworlds.  It reads so clearly and beautifully.   It feels emotional, but grounded and straightforward.  I feel towards it the way I feel about Stella’s Tarot, which is as close to a soul deck as a deck can get.


Second, is the Moon Void Tarot, which is my favorite contemporary deck.  It’s so simple and relatable.  I love the modern, minimalist feel, but it’s readable and not abstract.


Third, is the Antique Anatomy Tarot: Ephemera Edition.  I just love the images and the vintage Victorian feel of the deck.


3. What is your most used tarot deck?

My most used tarot deck is definitely Stella’s Tarot.  It is as close to a soul deck as any deck can be.  It’s grounded and logical like me, and to me, it is accurate and dependable.


4. What is your least used tarot deck?

My least used decks are the Ellis decK and the Super 8-Bit Tarot, which is why I’m selling them.  Some of these used to be my favorites, but I barely touch them anymore, and I want them to go on to good homes.  (I was going to sell the Puppet Theatre Tarot as well since I don’t use it much anymore, but I got sad thinking of letting it go, so I’m keeping it!)

My other least used tarot deck is the Smith-Waite.  I keep it around because it is the OG, and I treat it as a learning deck, but other than using it a little in the beginning when I first got it, I don’t use it at all for readings, only as a learning and reference tool.  I looked through my tracker, and I’ve used it only three times in 2018.


5. How did you learn to read tarot?

I learned tarot through books!  Reading is my favorite past time, and it is how I learn best.  So I started with The Ultimate Guide to Tarot by Liz Dean and The New Tarot Handbook by Rachel Pollack.  I like books that go into just enough detail and aren’t too lengthy, detailed, or esoteric.

I’ve since sold The Ultimate Guide to Tarot since I haven’t looked at it in almost a year and kept just The New Tarot Handbook.  I’m looking for a good book that will allow me to do reflection or mindfulness exercises with tarot.


I also listened to Root Lock Radio, which is a podcast that teaches you how to read tarot.  I found it sooo incredibly helpful, and I would listen to it on my commutes to and from work.

I did daily draws at the same time, kept a journal with my reflections, and took everything I learned and practiced reading for myself.  I don’t read for other people other than my boyfriend.

I learn about new decks and fun hashtags from Katey Flowers (she’s my favorite) and several other YouTube tarot personalities.

6. What do you use tarot for?

I use tarot as a reflection tool.  I like to do daily draws and think about how those draws will inform me of the day and then how those draws focus my reflections at the end of the day.  I used to be more diligent about recording my reflections at the end of the day in my tarot journal, but I’ve been slacking on that.


7. How do you read tarot? (Intuition or book?)

When I first started, I used the book because I just didn’t know any of the meanings of the cards.  Now that I know the meanings of the cards, I use those meanings as a starting point, and then I use my intuition.  I use my intuition based on the images I see in the specific card and how it draws connections to my life.

8. Do you use spreads?

I like to do spreads for fun, and I really like the 365 Spreads book by Sasha Graham.  I also like some of the spreads I see on Instagram or YouTube, but I don’t do spreads everyday.


9. Do you mix tarot with other divination systems?

I don’t.  I tried getting into oracles, but I really like the structure of tarot, and I don’t like how oracles are all different and all over the place.  I like sticking to one system.

10. What makes a great tarot deck?

For me, I need to be drawn to the art in the tarot deck.  It has to speak to my intuition on some level.  If the art doesn’t resonate with me, then I have a hard time building a connection with that deck.  I like art that is simple, striking, and classic.  I also like art that feels ethereal, mystical, or surreal.

I do not like decks with keywords on them, and I don’t like decks with non-illustrated pips.  The only exception is the Antique Anatomy Tarot.

11. How important to you is it that a deck stick to the tarot system?

This is pretty important to me.  I don’t like tarot decks that call themselves tarot and then aren’t really tarot but are really just oracle decks.  I am open to decks that have their own interpretations of the traditional symbolism, as long as they are still loosely connected.  I prefer the RWS system, but I am open to Thoth aligned decks as well, as long as there are no keywords on the cards.  I find that Thoth decks tend to have art that is more abstract, so I find them harder to read with.  I do not enjoy Marseilles decks as much since I do depend on some sort of visual cues or symbolism in images to help inform my readings.

12. Do you have any back up decks?

I don’t!  My favorite deck is Stella’s Tarot, so that is the only one I would get a backup for, but it is not a readily available deck, so I haven’t been able to get a back up copy.

13. Do you have any unusual/unique decks?

I think my most unusual decks are the Zombie Tarot and the Carnival at the End of the World.


My most unique deck is probably the Fairytale Tarot, which I’m so happy to have finally gotten!!  I love reading the fairytales associated with each card.  They are so apt and carefully chosen to convey the card’s meaning.


14. What’s your current deck crush?

My deck crush is definitely the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot.  It’s probably a deck that I will never have the opportunity to get since everybody be crushin’ on it, but I can still dream, which is the whole point of a crush.

fantastic menagerie

I am also rooting for the Sylvia Ritter deck and the Yoshi Yoshitani Fairy Tale Tarot.  Neither of these are official decks yet, but I know the artists are working on them, and I really hope they become actual decks!

Screenshot 2018-08-11 at 4.52.28 PM


15. Do you read reversals?

I don’t read reversals.  I’m not completely closed off to the idea, but I like keeping all of my decks upright.  Maybe it’s the Virgo in me, but I like things orderly, and reversals I feel introduce messiness and chaos.

16. If you could only use one deck, which would it be?

If I could only use one deck, it would have to be Stella’s Tarot, of course, as that is my soul deck!!

November Cards of the Month


What is the narrative of the month?  — The Lovers

This month is all about making wise choices in my relationships with others.

What do I need to know this month?  — Princess of Disks

Study, and be patient and dedicated.

What action do I need to take this month? — The Chariot

Go traveling and see the world!

Otherworldly Decks

I’m a big fan of decks that create an alternate universe that feels otherworldly, fantastical, and immersive.  Here are the otherworldly decks that I own and love:

The Ellis decK

Imagined by Taylor Ellis, this deck is composed of humanoid beings of varying shades and colors, and it truly feels like a unique and fantastical world of its own:


Carnival at the End of the World

This deck, beautifully illustrated by Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick, introduces us to a surreal and otherworldly universe containing beings of all imagination and sizes, and its oddness and curiosities-come-to-life feeling is what makes it so fascinating and compelling:


Alice in Wonderland

Wonderland, the well-known fantastical world with a running white rabbit, a talking dodo, a magical caterpillar, a cunning Cheshire cat, and playing card guards is vibrantly brought to life in this deck illustrated by Eugene Smith:



This was my first deck, and I was drawn to it because of the incredibly beautiful, ethereal, and evocative world, created by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law,  and filled with fairies, dragons, tree nymphs, mermaids, and other fantastical creatures.


Decks That Make Me Happy

After watching Tom Benjamin’s and Katey Flowers’s videos on decks that make them happy, I decided to round up and discuss the decks that make me happy.


First row: Antique Anatomy Tarot, Fairytale Tarot, Stella’s Tarot

Second row: Carnival at the End of the World, Tarot in Wonderland

Antique Anatomy Tarot: Ephemera Edition


This deck, by Claire Goodchild, is the deck that I own with the least illustrated pips, but I love it.  I’ve found that with this deck I rely a lot more on my intuition.  I also find the antique Victorian illustrations juxtaposed with brightly colored flowers to be so pleasing, and it makes me happy just looking at the images.  I absolutely love every cup (or “elixir”) card in this deck, and there are so many cool little details, like the fact that the court cards in the cups suit are all from Colman Smith Apothecary.

Fairytale Tarot


This is my newest acquisition, and I love it.  This deck by Baba Studios is an out-of-print deck that had been on my wishlist for like forever.  I’ve been meaning to use my darker fall decks, but since getting this deck, I can’t stop using it.  I absolutely love reading the fairy tales associated with each card.  I find that this is the first time where I’m really enjoying consulting the guidebook to see how the fairy tale relates to each card’s meaning.  The stories have all been so apt, and I’m finding that my understanding of the cards are deeper from reading the corresponding fairy tales.  The illustrations are also so gorgeous, and the experience of using this deck has just been so deep, magical, and full-bodied.  This is slowly becoming my favorite deck.

Stella’s Tarot


This deck has been my favorite for a long while now.  This deck is sadly out-of-print as well, which makes me sad, because it is such a lovely deck, and I would love to have a backup copy of it.  The images are so beautifully whimsical.  There is this quirky quality to it that just makes me really happy.  I love how grounded it is for me, and this deck contains some of my favorite court cards.  It pairs so well with so many of my other decks, and it is has just been such a delightfully reliable deck.

Carnival at the End of the World Tarot


This deck was one of those “love at first sight” decks for me.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  For most decks, I look at images and watch videos of flipthroughs to see how I like each of the cards before making a decision as to whether to purchase it.  I also will sometimes wait days and then come back to reevaluate whether it is a deck I really want.  This is the ONE deck where I stumbled upon ONE video and just knew I had to have it.  I immediately purchased it, and now I’m really wishing I bought the guidebook.  What I love about this deck is that the images are so beautifully surreal and wonderfully strange and odd.  It’s an entire fantastical world that I would love to visit, and I feel that this is the one deck I own where there is not one card that I’m afraid of getting.

Tarot in Wonderland


This is one of my favorite mass-market decks, and it is my favorite iteration of Alice in Wonderland themed decks.  I know people really love the Baba Studios Alice Tarot, but Tarot in Wonderland is more my speed.  The gorgeously vibrant illustrations by Eugene Smith under the guidance of Barbara Moore really capture the essence of each card, as well as the spirit of Alice in Wonderland.  It’s another deck that makes me happy because the fantastical world it creates feels so immersive, and the guidebook is also a stunner.