The Beauty Around Me I Fail to See

Day 9 of the January Tarot asks the beauty around me that I fail to see.

I drew a card each from the Anima Mundi, the Alchemical Tarot, and the Tarot of the Cat People (TCP) and asked each the same question.


Anima Mundi — Seven of Pentacles — I need to see the beauty in patience and slow progress.

The Alchemical Tarot — Queen of Coins — I need to see the beauty in good health and prosperity.

TotCP — Seven of Wands — I need to see the beauty in overcoming obstacles.


New Moon in Sagittarius

I saw this New Moon in Sagittarius spread from Ethony and thought I would try it out!

new moon in sagittarius


1 – What are of my life could use some expansion? — Ten of Staffs

I need to take on less burdens, practice self-care, and learn how to rejuvenate myself.

2 – Where do I need to listen more? — Four of Vessels

I shouldn’t be so stubborn.  I like to present a strong position, but that can leave me stuck and static.  I need to listen to others’ position.

3 – Where do I need to speak more? — Queen of Staffs

I need to step into my power and express myself when presented with a choice.

4 – How can I bring more fun into my life? — Seven of Swords

I don’t have be so straight and narrow.  It’s okay to let loose a little, be a little devious, and do things without judging myself.

5 – What lesson have I been learning? — Three of Staffs

I have been learning how to renew myself and how to reward myself when I have reached my goals.


Page Reflections

I’m continuing with the December Tarot, and on Day 9, we are doing Page reflections and thinking back upon the beginnings, lessons, and manifestations of this year.

This is a three-card spread, one card to represent beginnings, one card to represent lessons learned, and one card to represent manifestations.  I used the Alchemical Tarot for my reading, but I did draw out the four pages from my Smith-Waite deck to set the scene.


My reading:

Card 1: Beginnings — The Wheel of Fortune

In the beginning, I chalked up a lot of things to fate and luck, and I still do.  I truly believe that there are many things that are beyond our control and that are meant to happen.

Card 2: Lessons — Queen of Staffs

What I have learned this year is that we do have choices.  In every situation that is presented to me or to any of us, we have basic choices, even when the options seem limited.  There is always a choice I can make.

Card 3: Manifestations — Seven of Vessels

The key thing is to follow one’s intuition and make the best choice for that situation.  Fate may dictate overall happenings and major events, but how we deal with those events are choices we make, and we can choose to make the best choices in those situations and make the most of those choices.  I think this is something I have learned to do this year.

Past Life Spread

I found this past-life spread from a snippet of book, Llewellyn’s 2017 Witches’ Companion: An Almanac for Contemporary Living.  I was Googling something and came across it.

Screenshot 2017-12-07 at 9.11.44 PM

I thought it was interesting, so I tried it out with the Alchemical Tarot, which I have started thinking of as my brutally honest mystical tarot.


Card 1: Major unresolved karmic issue from past life — King of Swords

This card represents the mind over the heart, sitting in judgment, power, and authority.

Card 2: Hidden element in present life relating to incident of Card 1 — The Hierophant

This card represents unity, good judgment, and fairness.

Card 3: Outcome of karmic issue if I do nothing further — The Lovers

This card represents love, trials overcome, coming together, a partnership, and unity.

Card 4: none drawn

My reading:

In my past life, I followed my mind and sat in judgment of another, perhaps unfairly and exerting power and authority over them.  In my present life, I try to exercise good judgment, using fairness as a measure, weighing things more with my heart than with my head.  If I do nothing further, the outcome of unfairly sitting in judgment of another is trials overcome, love, and unity.

The Sorting Hat

I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter — in particular, the books — and I’ve taken almost every sorting hat quiz known to mankind, and I have always sorted into Ravenclaw.


To my delight, I stumbled upon this sorting hat spread while doing a Harry Potter tarot image search.

harry potter spreadI tried it out using the Alchemical Tarot since it seems more Harry Potter-ish and since it promised to be brutally honest.

Here are the cards face down:


Now, for the reveal…

Drumroll, please…

The spread and my reading:


1 – Gryffindor (courage, citizenship, and chivalrous deeds towards community) — Justice

I believe courage is advocating for fairness and justice for each and every person.

2 – Hufflepuff (fairness, loyalties, and social interactions) — King of Vessels

I am warm-hearted and empathetic.

3 – Ravenclaw (wisdom and cleverness) — Four of Swords

I am always deep in thought, and at times, my mind needs rest and meditation.

4 – Slytherin (ambitions, intensity of motivations, strength of will) — King of Staffs

I have high expectations and strong integrity.  I am considerate, open-minded, and do not judge others on their backgrounds or beliefs.

5 – Sorting Hat’s Final Decision — Three of Vessels

I offer friendship and support.  Based on most of these cards, and this final decision, it looks like I’ve been sorted into… HUFFLEPUFF!



I’m surprised, but at the same time, not surprised.  Lately, I have been feeling and exhibiting more Hufflepuffness, although I maintain I’m still a Ravenclaw at heart.

I think we all know that the Sorting Hat at Pottermore is the one that really counts!

Favorite Card: Justice

My favorite card in a tarot deck is the Justice card.  I always look for it in every deck I peruse, and I can learn a lot about a deck and its aura by looking at this card.

I value balance, fairness, truth, equity, and justice, and I think the card is a visual embodiment of those values.  Plus, Justice is always represented by a woman (and I used to be a lawyer).  The tarot card image also reminds me of Lady Justice, and I think she probably influenced how Justice is portrayed in tarot.

Another interesting thing to note about the Justice card is that originally, in the Tarot of Marseilles, Justice was number VIII, not the more currently prevalent XI.  Waite actually switched the numbers of Justice and Strength when he created the Rider-Waite deck, upon which many modern decks are based.

Here is the original Rider-Waite Justice card:

rider waite justice

Here is Justice in the Shadowscapes tarot:

shadowscapes justice

Here’s Justice in the Alchemical Tarot:

alchemical justice

There are so many different interpretations of Justice, and it’s always interesting to see the way each artist interprets it.  I’ve noticed, however, that many interpretations maintain the scales and some form of a sword.

Some of my favorite interpretations include this one from the True Black Tarot:

true black justice

This more contemporary interpretation in the Dreaming Way tarot:

dreaming way justice

This beautiful concept art from Emily Balivet:

emily balivet justice

This incredible concept art (?) found via Deck Love:

unknown justice

As a fun aside, here is the mosaic Lady Justice that my students made me last year:



Deck Interview: Alchemical Tarot

I got the Alchemical Tarot by Robert Place about a week ago, and I found this fun little interview spread on Little Red Tarot and decided to try it out with this deck.

I’m loving this deck so far.  I find it very forthright and honest, and the interview below confirms my sentiments!

Here are the spread positions:

  • Card #1:  Tell me about yourself.  What is your most important characteristic?
  • Card #2:  What are your strengths as a deck?
  • Card #3:  What are your limits as a deck?
  • Card #4:  What are you here to teach me?
  • Card #5:  How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
  • Card #6:  What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

I arranged face-down in a circle clockwise, starting with the top center card, and then I flipped each card over.


Here’s what I gathered:

1 – Tell me about yourself.  What is your most important characteristic? — Seven of Staffs

I’m passionate, and I will advocate for you.

2 – What are your strengths as a deck? — Three of Swords

I will tell you the truth, even if it’s painful.  I’ll be brutally honest.

3 – What are your limits as a deck? — Three of Cups

I am not your friend or support group.  Don’t come crying to me.

4 – What are you here to teach me? — King of Coins

I can provide structure and security and lead you towards success.

5 – How can I best learn and collaborate with you? — Knight of Vessels

Be direct about what you’re seeking, and don’t be swept away by emotions.

6 – What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? — Justice

I will be honest, objective, and truthful with you always.

In sum, this deck is going to be real with me.  It’ll be brutally honest if it has to be, and it will tell me what I need to know; ultimately, it wants me to succeed.