Elemental Tarot Spread

I came across this Elemental Tarot Spread from Tarotmum13 that I thought would be very helpful, and gee, was it insightful!

elemental spread

I thought I would use the Alchemical Tarot since I’m on an alchemical kick, I’ve recently gotten reacquainted with the deck, and I thought what’s more elemental than alchemy?? 😀

I followed all the directions and mini-spreads laid out by her, but I modified their general placement — only because I was using my Sasuraibito tarot cloth (which I really need to steam or iron since it’s so wrinkly), which has the elements in each corner.  I oriented the cloth so that swords was at the top (for air) and pentacles was at the bottom (for earth).  Thus, the placement of each mini-spread is a tad different from Tarotmum13’s placement, but other than each mini-spread’s placement and the spirit card being positioned upright, everything else remains the same.  I even did the mini-spreads in the order that she suggested and followed the card placements within each mini-spread.

It ended up being beautifully symmetrical to appease the Virgo in me:



Here are my interpretations in response to the questions posed by Tarotmum13, in conjunction with consultation of Robert M. Place’s LWB since his interpretations are a tad different from traditional RWS.

Earth (bottom right-hand corner):

  1. Current State — Eight of Coins — I am devoted to my work and my craft.
  2. Negative Influences — Nine of Coins — What’s eroding my soil and causing me instability and stress is, ironically, my constant need for stability and perfection.
  3. Positive Influences — King of Coins — What is nourishing my soil is my ability to be grounded, stable, and secure and the knowledge that I am grounded, stable, and secure.

Air (top right-hand corner):

  1. Current State — Two of Swords — I am constantly seeking truth and wisdom to inform my decisions.
  2. Negative Influences — Nine of Swords — The storm clouds that obscure my view are my own anxieties and fears. My mind is my most powerful ally and my worst enemy.
  3. Positive Influences — Seven of Swords — The fresh winds are my integrity and intellect that allow me to rise above dishonesty and deceit.

Water (top left-hand corner):

  1. Current State — Three of Vessels — I have great friendships, and I’m surrounded by those that are like-minded. Also, I just did a post on friendships and Three of Cups, so this is probably very present on my mind!
  2. Negative Influences — Two of Vessels — This one is really interesting. The dam that prevents my river from flowing freely is that perfect rose that represents societal expectations of love and relationships. I am constantly worrying about where I should be in my relationship based on social influences, instead of just letting things be and play out naturally as they should.
  3. Positive Influences — Six of Vessels — What prevents my river from being stagnant is getting what I need and giving people what they need.  Mutuality and reciprocity are so very important to me.

Fire (bottom left-hand corner):

  1. Current State — Ten of Staffs — I desire to be reinvigorated with renewed strength and passion.
  2. Negative Influences — Five of Staffs — What causes my fire to burn too bright is when I become too aggressive or abrasive in advocating my beliefs, and this, as well as my stubbornness, invites conflict.
  3. Positive Influences — Eight of Staffs — What sparks my fire and feeds it is focusing on what the real need is and to simplify how I’m communicating it.

Spirit card — The Tower

The driving force that helps me maintain balance in the elemental forces is…the Tower?  Actually, this is quite true when I think about it. A few weeks ago, I asked my cards what magic means to me, and one of the cards I got was The Tower. What I had read then was that I use magic to avoid calamity. I read it similarly now. The driving force behind what I do in life is my need to avoid calamity and my need to prevent sudden dramatic upheavals because the thing I fear the most is instability.

What a wonderfully insightful spread!


3 thoughts on “Elemental Tarot Spread

  1. Tarotmum13 November 20, 2018 / 1:59 pm

    Wow great results! And you can do the spreads in any order you like ☺️ Maybe I should have paid more attention to the visuals & symmetrie lol something to keep in mind for the future! Thank you so much for your lovely feedback and it is great to see the Spread working for people, as I only practised it on myself Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • queenofwans November 20, 2018 / 2:05 pm

      I love spreads like yours that allow me to reflect! I also really liked how you have us think about negative influences before the positive influences.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tarotmum13 November 20, 2018 / 2:15 pm

        Oh great you picked up on that – I like to end on a positive note. I debated wether I should call them “negative” at all, but then I thought I shouldn’t coddle people haha we go out of our way to be overly cautious these days and sometimes that can get a little silly. We are all grown-ups and can see the relativity of a word like “negative”… it’s a bit like everyone always being so quick to point out that the Death card does NOT mean actual Death, I quite like it being a little edgy!!! 🤗 Thanks again for the feedback!

        Liked by 1 person

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