I stumbled across the #MyersBriggsTarot hashtag on YouTube, and it seemed like an interesting exercise.  It was started by Dead Cheeky, and you can watch her initial video here.

The idea is that you take the Myers Briggs test, get your personality type, and then find your corresponding tarot court card to that personality type.

I have always tested as either an ISTJ or ISFJ.  I am almost an exact mix of the two because often times the Thinking or the Feeling will test at 51% and 49%, respectively AND vice versa.  This time around, I tested as 51% Feeling and 49% Thinking.

My corresponding court cards, which you can find here, are:


I actually find the melding of these two descriptions to be quite accurate.

I’ve taken a picture of some of the Queen of Pents and Queen of Wands from the Tarot of the Magical Forest, the Master Tarot, and the Ellis decK.



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