New Moon in Sagittarius

I saw this New Moon in Sagittarius spread from Ethony and thought I would try it out!

new moon in sagittarius


1 – What are of my life could use some expansion? — Ten of Staffs

I need to take on less burdens, practice self-care, and learn how to rejuvenate myself.

2 – Where do I need to listen more? — Four of Vessels

I shouldn’t be so stubborn.  I like to present a strong position, but that can leave me stuck and static.  I need to listen to others’ position.

3 – Where do I need to speak more? — Queen of Staffs

I need to step into my power and express myself when presented with a choice.

4 – How can I bring more fun into my life? — Seven of Swords

I don’t have be so straight and narrow.  It’s okay to let loose a little, be a little devious, and do things without judging myself.

5 – What lesson have I been learning? — Three of Staffs

I have been learning how to renew myself and how to reward myself when I have reached my goals.



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